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Master Lopp is an excellent instructor who gives his students far more than just a knowledge of Tae-Kwon-Do. Our son Andrew was a student of his for 4 years, and in addition to the martial arts training he received, he also learned many life lessons that have served him well in the years that have followed. Thanks to Master Lopp's training, our son learned to show a greater respect for others, something that made him noticed and appreciated by his high school teachers. Master Lopp also included leadership training in his classes by having students lead the class warm-up, or instruct a student of lower rank. This gave our son more confidence in himself and made it easier for him stand up in front of a high school class and give a presentation. If you are looking for an instructor that will teach your child how to defend himself using martial arts, as well as help prepare your child for life, we can highly recommend Master Lopp.


- Martin & Nancie Tindell


Of all the things that have happened to me in my life, I can easily say none were so life changing as the years I spent as a student under Master Lopp. He helped me push myself to do things I never thought I could. The rigorous training helped keep me physically and mentally healthy while teaching me to go beyond what I previously thought were my limits. I was taught to respect all those around me, something I still keep with me to this day. It has opened countless doors, just as Master Lopp said it would. I will forever carry with me the memory of those lessons, and I can think of no better way I could have spent those many hours. I've been gone a long while now, and I often wonder how the friends and fellow students I left behind are doing. But I rest assured of one thing, thanks to Master Lopp's teachings, we will always move forward.

- Andrew Tindell


We met Master Lopp in the summer of 2008.  At that time, our daughter was very timid around other kids and was prone to crying when any form of conflict arose.  After only a few weeks in his class, we noticed a new level of confidence in her that has carried over to all of her activities.  Since training with Master Lopp, we have seen Juliana’s athletic ability excel

over the years in soccer, basketball, and volleyball.  The skills and training developed through Master Lopp has helped her in athletics as well as her scholastic endeavors. It is the discipline, self-control, courage, & perseverance of martial arts training that have allowed her to push herself beyond her self-imposed limits.  Master Lopp is not only a master of the arts, he is a master of investing in children and knowing how to encourage/push them to the highest levels to achieve.  Our daughter, Juliana, is a shining example of Master Lopp’s commitment to the lives of students and families that shares his talents and gifts with selflessly. You cannot put a price on all that he has shared and given freely to all of those he comes in contact with. We not only consider him our family’s Taekwondo instructor, but also a valued friend. If we could sum up Master Lopp in one word… that one word would be……PRICELESS!


- Keith, Lisa & Juliana Nelson


My son and I trained with Master Lopp for 6 years. My son was not physically confident, didn’t enjoy exercise, and had trouble with focus and discipline. After a year with Master Lopp, his teachers were all commenting on the difference. His focus and discipline greatly improved and he became confident enough in his physical abilities to join both the basketball and track teams in 8th grade. Master Lopp, through Tae Kwan do, develops all his students to be the best they can be, mentally and physically. He treats all his students with respect, but makes everyone work, and accepts no excuses. For myself, as a 50 year old getting back into martial arts after many years away, Master Lopp always treated me as a fellow martial artist, even though I was unable to do some of the more difficult kicks and spins. Our 6 years with Master Lopp were a wonderful experience for both of us. He embodies the martial arts as a leader and teacher. I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in the martial arts.

- Mr. Brian Emery -